The Chapter You Don’t Read Out Loud

We all have that one chapter that we only keep so that our life story doesn't have blank spots, but we never read out loud. Usually, it's a time when you have really tried your best and still somehow things went wrong. And no matter how much you relive it again and again and go through every single detail, you still cannot really pinpoint that specific moment when things started to go wrong.

You Are What You Love

You are what you love, not what loves you. You are what you love and invest your time in.  Repeat this to yourself until you stop fighting it. Let this thought sink in and realise that this is where your daily drive and motivation should come from. Only you have the power to define yourself, … Continue reading You Are What You Love

The Alchemy of Thoughts

Questions, random thoughts and the uplifting feeling that you are finally over the worst moment of your life. They all come when your mind is still, they reveal themselves while you're at your most vulnerable self. Last night again I couldn't sleep ... but this time, for a much better reason. After spending an evening … Continue reading The Alchemy of Thoughts

Today I see love to be … (2)

Today my perceptions on love have grown, expanded and I am confident it will continue to evolve as I focus on my own growth.  Today I finished reading "Silence" by Thich Nhat Hanh, a lovely book on how to bring silence within yourself to gain the ability of deep listening and cultivate healthier connection with … Continue reading Today I see love to be … (2)

Before Anything Else, Be Good To Yourself

In moments of loss we desperately look for closure. That magical moment when it all makes sense and you can finally move on. We expect to get closure with an apology or an external trigger that can make us find meaning in our past experiences. I was wrong. You don't find closure by hearing what … Continue reading Before Anything Else, Be Good To Yourself